7 steps to a well-planned career move

Looking for a new job? 7 steps to making it smoother and better. photo: Matt Noble

Sara decided that it was time to leave her job. After reviewing the pros and cons and talking it over with her family and close friends, it was time to go. The question is, how to find and gracefully transition into a new company that would fit her career and personal needs?

Sara has a responsible well paid position; she supervises a team and is hands on designing and creating as well. Two members of her group left already because they too have seen the new top management recruiting and promoting more people from their previous organization and slighting existing employees. …

Should you look for a new job or keep the one you have?

Which path should you take? The familiar one or a new adventure?

Since the new CEO took over a year and a half ago, Sara’s boss and his boss both left for “other opportunities”. They have been replaced by people from the CEO’s previous company. Now Sara’s new boss just told her that there will be an additional reporting layer between him…

5 keys to fulfillment from 6 inspirational leaders

As a child growing up in S Africa, Arun was bullied, harassed, and beaten up for being dark, and also tormented, pushed around, and thrashed for being not dark enough. He became suspicious, bitter and filled with rage. Fearing for his future, his parents sent him to India to live…

5 tips to improving Diversity & Inclusion iniatives

Equal is greater than Division; equitable opportunity for greater results.

This article is part of Hallo’s new State of Diversity and Inclusion Series which features interviews with a wide range of professionals and thought leaders to learn more about the state of D&I, the progress made in 2020, and predictions on the trends that will shape 2021.

The following is…

Coaching and mentoring, the key leadership skills for now and the future

Successful leaders now are more coaches and mentors than business whizzes or domain experts. Surveys and research are showing that the top leadership skills for the future are the abilities to coach, support their employees and to foster teamwork. Are you prepared?

Coaching and mentoring your team fosters trust, motivation, innovation and increased producitivty.

The past year has graphically shown us that…

How to enjoy the nostalgic nurture of comfort food and still eat healthy

Comfort food that’s good for you. Butternut squash and Swiss chard black bean pasta. Delicious, nutrtious and it’s easy to make!

It’s been a tough year. Many of us turn to food to soothe our spirits especially during this holiday season. Specifically, calorie laden, fat, sugar, salt and carbo heavy foods. …

How to manage and thrive during stressful times

Looking outside for the meaning of life is futile. Look inside. Why were you born? What makes you happy?

What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? What am I striving for? During these challenging times, such questions come up in many people’s minds. If we knew our life purpose and the meaning of life, the stress of our day to day trials would be easier to…

Steps to equilibrium, happiness and productivity during challenging times

When the stress, anxiety and depression hit you, they are no longer concepts. You have to deal with them to survive and thrive.

“It’s different when it’s your house that’s on fire” K.B., Fire Department Captain

Life as we knew it pre-Covid-19 is no more. The changes and disruptions have wrecked many people’s mental and emotional stability along with their finances and careers. …

Plant-based eating — easy ways to eat for peak performance, health and happiness

Plant-based eating. Nutritious, delicious and a tool to improved work performance and life! All pictured vegetables came from the author’s garden and used in the recipe below.

Food for thought. What you eat can fuel your mental capacity, energize your body and balance your emotions. Food is fundamental to survival and now there’s substantiation that it’s also pivotal to peak performance.

People have been searching for the competitive edge in work performance long before people even started…

Marilyn Tam

Marilyn Tam, global speaker, best selling author (The Happiness Choice), business leader and humanitarian. Formerly the CEO of Aveda, President Reebok, VP Nike

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